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Editor-in-Chief,   Anatole Krattiger

Editorial Board

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Fiocruz, Brazil

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Editorial Board

The Handbook, Executive Guide and website were made possible with funding from the Rockefeller Foundation and the Kauffman Foundation and distributed free of charge to low- and middle-income countries thanks to Distribution Support of many organizations.

This overall effort was led by Anatole Krattiger who serves as editor in chief and a global Editorial Board was closely involved in the development of the resource, comprised of Richard Mahoney, Lita Nelsen, Jennifer Thomson, Alan Bennett, Kanikaram Satyanarayana, Gregory Graff, Carlos Fernandez and Stanley Kowalski. All chapters were reviewed by the editor in chief and by at least one editorial Board member and/or by an outside expert in the relevant field. The editorial Board's overall views are expressed in our Message from the Editorial Board.

The website was developed by a small team comprising Anatole Krattiger, Stanley Kowalski and Gregory Graff and designed with Dynamic Diagrams, Inc. and Frederick Toth and Associates. As with all endeavors of this magnitude, many individuals contributed in many different ways and we gratefully acknowledge their valuable work and help.

The entire effort also benefited greatly from the advice and support of our Board of Patrons.

We hope this Handbook, Executive Guide and online resource will encourage everyone to take greater advantage of the unprecedented opportunity to benefit from the strategic management of intellectual property aimed at promoting public welfare, accelerate the delivery of innovation to those who need them most, and contribute to building a healthier and more equitable world.