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DI GIORGIO, Rosana Ceron

DI GIORGIO, Rosana Ceron Photograph Rosana Di Giorgio currently serves as Intellectual Property & Partnership Development Director of Inova Unicamp, the Technology Licensing Office of the State University of Campinas, Brazil (Unicamp). She is responsible for business development between the university and the marketplace. In the three years since she joined Unicamp, she has signed 150 technology transfer agreements involving IP development and licensing between the university and the commercial sector, a new record for both Brazil and Latin America; as a result, Unicamp is the biggest licensor in the country. Some of these technology transfer agreements have already resulted in commercialized products, such as BiPhor and Aglicon-Soy. She is also responsible for defining policies, practices, legal affairs, team building, and management of the university’s IP portfolio, which, since 1999, has been considered the country’s largest.

In the past three years, she has been invited to speak at about 40 national and international conferences, symposia, and workshops on the subject of transferring academic technology to the commercial sector. These talks have attracted investors, industry representatives, and academics. Some of her publications include: articles for business magazines, such as Líderes Empresariais and Les Novelles, and business newspapers, such as Gazeta Mercantil; books like Propriedade Intelectual: O Caminho para o Desenvolvimento, chapter 7, a book sponsored and launched by Microsoft; television interviews for such channels as Globo News, EPTV, and TV Bandeirantes; radio interviews for such channels as CBN and Eldorado; and electronic reports, such as a WIPO report on best practices.

Her previous experience includes eight years managing people, projects, accounts, and business development in Brazil and abroad; creating innovative solutions for several market sectors (financial, energy, IT, and pharmaceutical); strategic planning; market research; and business plan and business viability analysis. She previously served as Executive Director of facTI, a private foundation concerned with IT; under her guidance, the foundation became financially viable in one year. She was also Corporate Business Development Manager and Semiconductor Division Manager at CPqD, the biggest research and development center in Brazil for telecommunications and IT.

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