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FERNÁNDEZ, Carlos Photograph Carlos Fernández studied agronomy at Universidad de Chile. After working as an Assistant Professor at the Agronomy Faculty of the same university, he received a Ph.D. in Plant Physiology at the University of California, Davis. Upon graduation, he joined Monsanto Company, where he held various management positions that gave him responsibilities in several countries. He led the development of agricultural technologies in Latin American countries, first from the company headquarters in St. Louis and later from Sao Paulo, Brazil. Among other things, he contributed to the development of new applications for Roundup, the most successful herbicide in the world, and the development of nontillage systems for various crops. In Europe, he developed new products and actively participated in the design of the Roundup post-patent policy for Europe and Africa.

While working for Monsanto in California, he evaluated and contributed to the development and introduction of transgenic crops to the market. During his stay in California, he returned to the University of California, Davis, and earned an M.B.A. In 1999, he returned to Santiago, Chile, and began working at Fundación Chile, where he coordinated programs related to technology transfer, intellectual property, regulatory matters, and the development of transgenic crops. He contributed to the Cooperative Agreement between the University of California, Davis and Fundación Chile. In addition to his work at Fundación Chile, he serves as a consultant to the Food and Agricultural Organization of the UN and the Chilean Ministry of Economy. Some of his latest contributions as a consultant include two studies sponsored by the Ministry of Economy of Chile: “Comparative Analysis of Biotechnology Policies in N. Zealand, Canada, United States, Australia, Japan, China, Argentina, Brazil, Spain and Chile” and “Formulation of a Model for a Technology Transfer Office for Chile.” He also contributed to a recent study, sponsored by UNDP, titled “Commercialization Impact on Agricultural Export Products Caused by the Introduction of GMO in Chile.”

As of July 2006, Dr. Fernández is the Head of Strategic Studies and the technology transfer unit of the Foundation for Agriculture Innovation.

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