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JONES, Keith J

JONES, Keith J Photograph Keith J. Jones is the Director of the Office of Intellectual Property Administration and the Executive Director of the Washington State University Research Foundation.

Dr. Jones, assisted by a staff of seven, is responsible for the evaluation, patenting, marketing, and licensing of the approximately 70 invention disclosures per year submitted to the Office of Intellectual Property at WSU. WSU is a large research university that produces intellectual property ranging from medical applications to new wheat varieties. WSU intellectual property results in about 15 licenses per year, and last year produced an income of over US$2 million. Dr. Jones is also responsible for initiating and managing other university technology commercialization activities, including the WSU Research and Technology Park, the Cougar Gap Fund, and the Venture Partner Program. Dr. Jones is frequently invited to speak nationally and internationally on university technology commercialization.

Previously, Dr. Jones was Director of Commercialization-Life Sciences at Virginia Tech for six years. He has experience in international business development at a San Diego Ag-Biotechnology company, Mycogen Corp., where he developed new markets for biotech products in the Middle and Far East. He worked for two years as a scientific advisor at one of the most prestigious intellectual property litigation law firms in the U.S. He was a USAID contractor for two years, during which time he was involved with university development based in Sumatra, Indonesia.

He has a Ph.D. from North Carolina State University in Plant Pathology and holds three issued patents and one pending patent.

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