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Editor-in-Chief,   Anatole Krattiger

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Fiocruz, Brazil

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Case Studies Index: Health/Medicine


Current IP Management Issues for Health and Agriculture in India

Current Issues of IP Management for Health and Agriculture in Japan

Current Issues of IP Management in Health and Agriculture in Brazil

Experiences from the European Union: Managing Intellectual Property Under the Sixth Framework Programme

How Public–Private Partnerships Handle Intellectual Property: The PATH Experience

IP Management in the National Health Service in England

IP Rights in China: Spurring Invention and Driving Innovation in Health and Agriculture

Lessons from the Commercialization of the Cohen-Boyer Patents: The Stanford University Licensing Program

Partnerships for Innovation and Global Health: NIH International Technology Transfer Activities

Pragmatic and Principled: DNDi’s Approach to IP Management


Biodiversity and Benefit-Sharing: University of Illinois at Chicago


IP Asset Sale Involving an Intra-Uterine Device: Population Council


Diagnostic Tests for Cervical Cancer: PATH

Molecular Pharming

Specific IP Issues with Molecular Pharming: Case Study of Plant-Derived Vaccines


Cyclofem® Contraceptive: Upjohn, WHO, and the Concept Foundation

Gastrointestinal Medicines from African Aloe: Baylabs (Pty) Ltd.

Improved Production of a Natural Product Treatment for Malaria: Oneworld Health, Amyris, and the University of California at Berkeley

Lapdap Antimalarial Drug: GlaxoSmithKline, WHO-TDR, and the U.K. Department for International Development

Nicotine Patch: University of California, Los Angeles

Nontoxic Drug Therapy for Chagas’ Disease and Malaria: University of Washington and Yale University

Reduced-Duration Tuberculosis Treatment: TB Alliance and Bayer HealthCare


A Better Tuberculosis Vaccine: Aeras and Vanderbilt University

DNA Hepatitis B Vaccine: International Vaccine Institute, Korea

HIV/AIDS Vaccine: Indian Council of Medical Research

How Public–Private Partnerships Handle Intellectual Property: The PATH Experience

Malaria Vaccine: Malaria Vaccine Institute and GlaxoSmithKline Biologicals

Patent Consolidation and Equitable Access: PATH’s Malaria Vaccines

Rotavirus Vaccine: NIH Office of Technology Transfer

Typhoid Vaccine: NIH Office of Technology Transfer and the International Vaccine Institute