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The Policy and Legal Environment for Innovation

Summary and Overview Summary and Overview

Key Implications and Best Practices

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Show AbstractAbstract 3.1  The Courts and Innovation
by Pauline Newman

Show AbstractAbstract 3.2  Global Health: Lessons from Bayh-Dole
by Rachel A. Nugent, Gerald T. Keusch

Show AbstractAbstract 3.3  Echoes of Bayh-Dole? A Survey of IP and Technology Transfer Policies in Emerging and Developing Economies
by Gregory D. Graff

Show AbstractAbstract 3.4  Technology Transfer Snapshots from Middle-Income Countries: Creating Socio-Economic Benefits through Innovation
by Susan K. Finston

Show AbstractAbstract 3.5  Benchmarking of Technology Transfer Offices and What It Means for Developing Countries
by Anthony D. Heher

Show AbstractAbstract 3.6  Public Sector IP Management in the Life Sciences: Reconciling Practice and Policy—Perspectives from WIPO
by Antony Taubman, Roya Ghafele

Show AbstractAbstract 3.7  Developing Countries and TRIPS: What Next?
by Robert Eiss, Richard T. Mahoney, Kanikaram Satyanarayana

Show AbstractAbstract 3.8  The TRIPS Agreement and Intellectual Property in Health and Agriculture
by Jayashree Watal, Roger Kampf

Show AbstractAbstract 3.9  U.S. Laws Affecting the Transfer of Intellectual Property
by Howard Bremer

Show AbstractAbstract 3.10  Compulsory Licensing: How to Gain Access to Patented Technology
by Carlos María Correa

Show AbstractAbstract 3.11  The Role of Clusters in Driving Innovation
by Peter W. B. Phillips, Camille D. Ryan

Show AbstractAbstract 3.12  What Does It Take to Build a Local Biotechnology Cluster in a Small Country? The Case of Turku, Finland
by Kimmo Viljamaa

Show AbstractAbstract 3.13  The Activities and Roles of M.I.T. in Forming Clusters and Strengthening Entrepreneurship
by Lita Nelsen

Show AbstractAbstract 3.14  Building Research Clusters: Exploring Public Policy Options for Supporting Regional Innovation
by Peter W. B. Phillips, Camille D. Ryan

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Show AbstractAbstract Access and Benefit Sharing: Understanding the Rules for Collection and Use of Biological Materials
by Carl-Gustaf Thornström

Show AbstractAbstract Biotechnology Patents and Indigenous Peoples
by Dennis S. Karjala

Show AbstractAbstract Building Product Innovation Capability in Health
by Richard T. Mahoney

Show AbstractAbstract Current IP Management Issues for Health and Agriculture in India
by Kanikaram Satyanarayana

Show AbstractAbstract Current Issues of IP Management in Health and Agriculture in Brazil
by Claudia Inês Chamas, Sergio M. Paulino De Carvalho, Sergio Salles-Filho

Show AbstractAbstract Deal Making in Bioprospecting
by Charles Costanza, Leif Christoffersen, Carolyn Anderson, Jay M. Short

Show AbstractAbstract Experiences from the European Union: Managing Intellectual Property Under the Sixth Framework Programme
by Alicia Blaya

Show AbstractAbstract Formation of a Business Incubator
by Edward M. Zablocki

Show AbstractAbstract From University to Industry: Technology Transfer at Unicamp in Brazil
by Rosana Ceron Di Giorgio

Show AbstractAbstract Genomics, Ethics, and Intellectual Property
by Gary E. Marchant

Show AbstractAbstract How Intellectual Property and Plant Breeding Come Together: Corn as a Case Study for Breeders and Research Managers
by Vernon Gracen

Show AbstractAbstract How to Set Up a Technology Transfer System in a Developing Country
by Carlos Fernandez

Show AbstractAbstract IP Rights in China: Spurring Invention and Driving Innovation in Health and Agriculture
by Zhang Liang Chen, Wangsheng Gao, Ji Xu

Show AbstractAbstract Making the Most of Intellectual Property: Developing an Institutional IP Policy
by Stanley P. Kowalski

Show AbstractAbstract A Model for the Collaborative Development of Agricultural Biotechnology Products in Chile
by Carlos Fernandez, Michael R. Moynihan

Show AbstractAbstract Parallel Trade: A User’s Guide
by Duncan Matthews, Viviana Munoz-Tellez

Show AbstractAbstract Ten Things Heads of Institutions Should Know about Setting Up a Technology Transfer Office
by Lita Nelsen

Show AbstractAbstract What the Public Sector Should Know about Venture Capital
by Roger Wyse