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The IP Toolbox

Summary and Overview Summary and Overview

Key Implications and Best Practices

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Show AbstractAbstract 4.1  The Statutory Toolbox: An Introduction
by John Dodds, Anatole Krattiger

Show AbstractAbstract 4.2  How to Read a Biotech Patent
by Carol Nottenburg

Show AbstractAbstract 4.3  Trademark Primer
by William Needle

Show AbstractAbstract 4.4  The Statutory Toolbox: Plants
by Jay P. Kesan

Show AbstractAbstract 4.5  Plant Breeders’ Rights: An Introduction
by William H. Lesser

Show AbstractAbstract 4.6  Plants, Germplasm, Genebanks, and Intellectual Property: Principles, Options, and Management
by John Dodds, Anatole Krattiger, Stanley P. Kowalski

Show AbstractAbstract 4.7  Plant Variety Protection, International Agricultural Research, and Exchange of Germplasm: Legal Aspects of Sui Generis and Patent Regimes
by Michael Blakeney

Show AbstractAbstract 4.8  IP and Information Management: Libraries, Databases, Geographic Information Systems, and Software
by John Dodds, Susanne Somersalo, Stanley P. Kowalski, Anatole Krattiger

Show AbstractAbstract 4.9  Data Protection and Data Exclusivity in Pharmaceuticals and Agrochemicals
by Charles Clift

Show AbstractAbstract 4.10  Regulatory Data Protection in Pharmaceuticals and Other Sectors
by Trevor Cook

Related Chapters       Show All AbstractsShow All Abstracts

Show AbstractAbstract Biotechnology Patents and Indigenous Peoples
by Dennis S. Karjala

Show AbstractAbstract Current Issues of IP Management for Health and Agriculture in Japan
by Junko Chapman, Kazuo N. Watanabe

Show AbstractAbstract Current Issues of IP Management in Health and Agriculture in Brazil
by Claudia Inês Chamas, Sergio M. Paulino De Carvalho, Sergio Salles-Filho

Show AbstractAbstract Defensive Publishing and the Public Domain
by Sara Boettiger, Cecilia Chi-Ham

Show AbstractAbstract Filing International Patent Applications under the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT): Strategies for Delaying Costs and Maximizing the Value of Your Intellectual Property Worldwide
by Anne M. Schneiderman

Show AbstractAbstract Introduction to IP Issues In the University Setting: A Primer for Scientists
by Martha Mutschler, Gregory D. Graff

Show AbstractAbstract IP Management at Chinese Universities
by Hua Guo

Show AbstractAbstract Open Source Licensing
by Janet Hope

Show AbstractAbstract Patenting and Licensing Research Tools
by Charles Clift

Show AbstractAbstract Protecting New Plant Varieties through PVP: Practical Suggestions from a Plant Breeder for Plant Breeders
by William D. Pardee

Show AbstractAbstract Provisional Patent Applications: Advantages and Limitations
by Richard L. Cruz

Show AbstractAbstract Specific IP Issues with Molecular Pharming: Case Study of Plant-Derived Vaccines
by Anatole Krattiger, Richard T. Mahoney

Show AbstractAbstract Trade Secrets and Trade-Secret Licensing
by Karl F. Jorda

Show AbstractAbstract U.S. Laws Affecting the Transfer of Intellectual Property
by Howard Bremer

Show AbstractAbstract Use of Trademarks in a Plant-Licensing Program
by William T. Tucker, Gavin S. Ross