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Institutional Policies and Strategies

Summary and Overview Summary and Overview

Key Implications and Best Practices

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Show AbstractAbstract 5.1  IP Strategy
by Robert Pitkethly

Show AbstractAbstract 5.2  IP Management Policy: A Donor’s Perspective
by Zoë Ballantyne, Daniel Nelki

Show AbstractAbstract 5.3  Making the Most of Intellectual Property: Developing an Institutional IP Policy
by Stanley P. Kowalski

Show AbstractAbstract 5.4  Ownership of University Inventions: Practical Considerations
by B. Jean Weidemier

Show AbstractAbstract 5.5  The Role of the Inventor in the Technology Transfer Process
by Anne C. Di Sante

Show AbstractAbstract 5.6  Conducting IP Audits
by Michael Blakeney

Show AbstractAbstract 5.7  Conflict of Interest and Conflict of Commitment Management in Technology Transfer
by Alan B. Bennett

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Show AbstractAbstract The Activities and Roles of M.I.T. in Forming Clusters and Strengthening Entrepreneurship
by Lita Nelsen

Show AbstractAbstract The African Agricultural Technology Foundation Approach to IP Management
by Richard Y. Boadi, Mpoko Bokanga

Show AbstractAbstract Application and Examples of Best Practices in IP Management: The Donald Danforth Plant Science Center
by Karel R. Schubert

Show AbstractAbstract Building Research Clusters: Exploring Public Policy Options for Supporting Regional Innovation
by Peter W. B. Phillips, Camille D. Ryan

Show AbstractAbstract Creating and Developing Spinouts: Experiences from Yale University and Beyond
by Alfred (Buz) Brown, Jon Soderstrom

Show AbstractAbstract Dealing with Spinout Companies
by Jon C. Sandelin

Show AbstractAbstract Echoes of Bayh-Dole? A Survey of IP and Technology Transfer Policies in Emerging and Developing Economies
by Gregory D. Graff

Show AbstractAbstract Ensuring Developing-Country Access to New Inventions: The Role of Patents and the Power of Public Sector Research Institutions
by Lita Nelsen, Anatole Krattiger

Show AbstractAbstract Ensuring Global Access through Effective IP Management: Strategies of Product-Development Partnerships
by Robert Eiss, Kathi E. Hanna, Richard T. Mahoney

Show AbstractAbstract Facilitating Humanitarian Access to Pharmaceutical and Agricultural Innovation
by Amanda L. Brewster, Stephen A. Hansen, Audrey R. Chapman

Show AbstractAbstract Formation of a Business Incubator
by Edward M. Zablocki

Show AbstractAbstract Freedom to Operate, Public Sector Research, and Product-Development Partnerships: Strategies and Risk-Management Options
by Anatole Krattiger

Show AbstractAbstract Global Health: Lessons from Bayh-Dole
by Rachel A. Nugent, Gerald T. Keusch

Show AbstractAbstract How Public–Private Partnerships Handle Intellectual Property: The PATH Experience
by Steve Brooke, Claudia M. Harner-Jay, Heidi Lasher, Erica Jacoby

Show AbstractAbstract How to Start–and Keep–a Laboratory Notebook: Policy and Practical Guidelines
by Jennifer A. Thomson

Show AbstractAbstract A Model for the Collaborative Development of Agricultural Biotechnology Products in Chile
by Carlos Fernandez, Michael R. Moynihan

Show AbstractAbstract The New American University and the Role of “Technology Translation”: The Approach of Arizona State University
by Peter J. Slate

Show AbstractAbstract Partnerships for Innovation and Global Health: NIH International Technology Transfer Activities
by Luis A. Salicrup, Mark L. Rohrbaugh

Show AbstractAbstract Patent Consolidation and Equitable Access: PATH’s Malaria Vaccines
by Sandra L. Shotwell

Show AbstractAbstract Product Development and IP Strategies for Global Health Product Development Partnerships
by Sandra L. Shotwell

Show AbstractAbstract Reservation of Rights for Humanitarian Uses
by Alan B. Bennett

Show AbstractAbstract Technology Transfer at the University of California
by Alan B. Bennett, Michael Carriere

Show AbstractAbstract Ten Things Heads of Institutions Should Know about Setting Up a Technology Transfer Office
by Lita Nelsen