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Establishing and Operating Technology Transfer Offices

Summary and Overview Summary and Overview

Key Implications and Best Practices

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Show AbstractAbstract 6.1  Ten Things Heads of Institutions Should Know about Setting Up a Technology Transfer Office
by Lita Nelsen

Show AbstractAbstract 6.2  Establishing a Technology Transfer Office
by Terry A. Young

Show AbstractAbstract 6.3  How to Set Up a Technology Transfer Office: Experiences from Europe
by Alison F. Campbell

Show AbstractAbstract 6.4  How to Set Up a Technology Transfer System in a Developing Country
by Carlos Fernandez

Show AbstractAbstract 6.5  Practical Considerations for the Establishment of a Technology Transfer Office
by John Dodds, Susanne Somersalo

Show AbstractAbstract 6.6  Administration of a Large Technology Transfer Office
by Sally Hines

Show AbstractAbstract 6.7  Training Staff in IP Management
by Sibongile Pefile, Anatole Krattiger, 1,

Show AbstractAbstract 6.8  Building Networks: The National and International Experiences of AUTM
by Karen Hersey

Show AbstractAbstract 6.9  How to Select and Work with Patent Counsel
by Michael L. Goldman

Show AbstractAbstract 6.10  How to Hire an IP Attorney and Not Go Bankrupt
by John Dodds

Show AbstractAbstract 6.11  Technology Transfer Data Management
by Robert G. Sloman

Show AbstractAbstract 6.12  WIIPS: Whitehead Institute Intellectual Property System (A Relational Database for IP Management and Technology Transfer)
by Amina Hamzaoui

Show AbstractAbstract 6.13  Organizing and Managing Agreements and Contracts
by Robert Potter, Hild Rygnestad

Show AbstractAbstract 6.14  Monitoring, Evaluating, and Assessing Impact
by Sibongile Pefile

Related Chapters       Show All AbstractsShow All Abstracts

Show AbstractAbstract The Activities and Roles of M.I.T. in Forming Clusters and Strengthening Entrepreneurship
by Lita Nelsen

Show AbstractAbstract Administration of Technology Licenses
by Hans H. Feindt

Show AbstractAbstract Benchmarking of Technology Transfer Offices and What It Means for Developing Countries
by Anthony D. Heher

Show AbstractAbstract Creating and Developing Spinouts: Experiences from Yale University and Beyond
by Alfred (Buz) Brown, Jon Soderstrom

Show AbstractAbstract Dealing with Spinout Companies
by Jon C. Sandelin

Show AbstractAbstract From University to Industry: Technology Transfer at Unicamp in Brazil
by Rosana Ceron Di Giorgio

Show AbstractAbstract Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer by the University of California Agricultural Experiment Station
by Gregory D. Graff, Alan B. Bennett

Show AbstractAbstract IP and Information Management: Libraries, Databases, Geographic Information Systems, and Software
by John Dodds, Susanne Somersalo, Stanley P. Kowalski, Anatole Krattiger

Show AbstractAbstract IP Management at Chinese Universities
by Hua Guo

Show AbstractAbstract IP Management in the National Health Service in England
by Tony Bates

Show AbstractAbstract The Making of a Licensing Legend: Stanford University’s Office of Technology Licensing
by Nigel Page

Show AbstractAbstract The New American University and the Role of “Technology Translation”: The Approach of Arizona State University
by Peter J. Slate

Show AbstractAbstract Ownership of University Inventions: Practical Considerations
by B. Jean Weidemier

Show AbstractAbstract Policing Intellectual Property
by H. Walter Haeussler, Richard S. Cahoon

Show AbstractAbstract Potential Use of a Computer-Generated Contract Template System (CoGenCo) to Facilitate Licensing of Traits and Varieties
by Anatole Krattiger, John Dodds, Donna Bobrowicz

Show AbstractAbstract The Role of Technology Transfer Intermediaries in Commercializing Intellectual Property through Spinouts and Start-ups
by Tim Cook

Show AbstractAbstract The Role of the Inventor in the Technology Transfer Process
by Anne C. Di Sante

Show AbstractAbstract Technology Transfer at the University of California
by Alan B. Bennett, Michael Carriere

Show AbstractAbstract Technology Transfer in South African Public Research Institutions
by Rosemary Wolson