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Contracts and Agreements to Support Partnerships

Summary and Overview Summary and Overview

Key Implications and Best Practices

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Show AbstractAbstract 7.1  Agreements: A Review of Essential Tools of IP Management
by Richard T. Mahoney, Anatole Krattiger

Show AbstractAbstract 7.2  Confidentiality Agreements: A Basis for Partnerships
by Stanley P. Kowalski, Anatole Krattiger

Show AbstractAbstract 7.3  Specific Issues with Material Transfer Agreements
by Alan B. Bennett, Wendy D. Streitz, Rafael A. Gacel

Show AbstractAbstract 7.4  How to Draft a Collaborative Research Agreement
by Martha Bair Steinbock

Show AbstractAbstract 7.5  Drafting Effective Collaborative Research Agreements and Related Contracts
by E. Richard Gold, Tania Bubela

Show AbstractAbstract 7.6  The Use of Nonassertion Covenants: A Tool to Facilitate Humanitarian Licensing, Manage Liability, and Foster Global Access
by Anatole Krattiger

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Show AbstractAbstract Access and Benefit Sharing: Illustrated Procedures for the Collection and Importation of Biological Materials
by Carl-Gustaf Thornström, Lars Björk

Show AbstractAbstract Administration of Technology Licenses
by Hans H. Feindt

Show AbstractAbstract Application and Examples of Best Practices in IP Management: The Donald Danforth Plant Science Center
by Karel R. Schubert

Show AbstractAbstract Commercialization Agreements: Practical Guidelines in Dealing with Options
by Mark Anderson, Simon Keevey-Kothari

Show AbstractAbstract Fundación Chile: Technology Transfer for Somatic Embryogenesis of Grapes
by Carlos Fernandez

Show AbstractAbstract Licensing Agreements in Agricultural Biotechnology
by Richard S. Cahoon

Show AbstractAbstract Negotiating an Agreement: Skills, Tactics, and Best Practices
by Richard T. Mahoney

Show AbstractAbstract Organizing and Managing Agreements and Contracts
by Robert Potter, Hild Rygnestad

Show AbstractAbstract Plant Breeders’ Rights: An Introduction
by William H. Lesser

Show AbstractAbstract WIIPS: Whitehead Institute Intellectual Property System (A Relational Database for IP Management and Technology Transfer)
by Amina Hamzaoui