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Patents and Patenting: Balancing Protection with the Public Domain

Summary and Overview Summary and Overview

Key Implications and Best Practices

Topic Chapters       Show All AbstractsShow All Abstracts

Show AbstractAbstract 10.1  Defensive Publishing and the Public Domain
by Sara Boettiger, Cecilia Chi-Ham

Show AbstractAbstract 10.2  Provisional Patent Applications: Advantages and Limitations
by Richard L. Cruz

Show AbstractAbstract 10.3  Designing Patent Applications for Possible Field-of-Use Licensing
by Arne M. Olson

Show AbstractAbstract 10.4  Patenting Strategies: Building an IP Fortress
by John Dodds

Show AbstractAbstract 10.5  Cost-Conscious Strategies for Patent Application Filings
by Oren Livne

Show AbstractAbstract 10.6  A Guide to International Patent Protection
by Ann S. Viksnins, Ann M. Mccrackin

Show AbstractAbstract 10.7  Filing International Patent Applications under the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT): Strategies for Delaying Costs and Maximizing the Value of Your Intellectual Property Worldwide
by Anne M. Schneiderman

Show AbstractAbstract 10.8  Filing and Defending Patents in Different Jurisdictions
by Ronald Yin, Sean Cunningham

Show AbstractAbstract 10.9  The Interface of Patents with the Regulatory Drug Approval Process and How Resulting Interplay Can Affect Market Entry
by Dennis S. Fernandez, James Huie, Justin Hsu

Show AbstractAbstract 10.10  Deposit of Biological Materials in Support of a U.S. Patent Application
by Dennis J. Harney, Timothy B. Mcbride

Show AbstractAbstract 10.11  Protecting New Plant Varieties through PVP: Practical Suggestions from a Plant Breeder for Plant Breeders
by William D. Pardee

Related Chapters       Show All AbstractsShow All Abstracts

Show AbstractAbstract Documentation of Inventions
by W. Mark Crowell

Show AbstractAbstract Ensuring Developing-Country Access to New Inventions: The Role of Patents and the Power of Public Sector Research Institutions
by Lita Nelsen, Anatole Krattiger

Show AbstractAbstract How to Read a Biotech Patent
by Carol Nottenburg

Show AbstractAbstract How to Start–and Keep–a Laboratory Notebook: Policy and Practical Guidelines
by Jennifer A. Thomson

Show AbstractAbstract Invention Disclosures and the Role of Inventors
by David R. McGee

Show AbstractAbstract Ownership of University Inventions: Practical Considerations
by B. Jean Weidemier

Show AbstractAbstract The Role of the Inventor in the Technology Transfer Process
by Anne C. Di Sante

Show AbstractAbstract The Statutory Toolbox: An Introduction
by John Dodds, Anatole Krattiger

Show AbstractAbstract The Statutory Toolbox: Plants
by Jay P. Kesan