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Technology and Product Licensing

Summary and Overview Summary and Overview

Key Implications and Best Practices

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Show AbstractAbstract 11.1  Licensing Biotechnology Inventions
by John W. Freeman

Show AbstractAbstract 11.2  Licensing Agreements in Agricultural Biotechnology
by Richard S. Cahoon

Show AbstractAbstract 11.3  The In- and Out-Licensing of Plant Varieties
by Malin Nilsson

Show AbstractAbstract 11.4  Potential Use of a Computer-Generated Contract Template System (CoGenCo) to Facilitate Licensing of Traits and Varieties
by Anatole Krattiger, John Dodds, Donna Bobrowicz

Show AbstractAbstract 11.5  Trade Secrets and Trade-Secret Licensing
by Karl F. Jorda

Show AbstractAbstract 11.6  Use of Trademarks in a Plant-Licensing Program
by William T. Tucker, Gavin S. Ross

Show AbstractAbstract 11.7  Commercialization Agreements: Practical Guidelines in Dealing with Options
by Mark Anderson, Simon Keevey-Kothari

Show AbstractAbstract 11.8  Field-of-Use Licensing
by Sandra L. Shotwell

Show AbstractAbstract 11.9  Problems with Royalty Rates, Royalty Stacking, and Royalty Packing Issues
by Keith J. Jones, Michael E. Whitham, Philana S. Handler

Show AbstractAbstract 11.10  In-Licensing Strategies by Public-Sector Institutions in Developing Countries
by Kanikaram Satyanarayana

Show AbstractAbstract 11.11  A Checklist for Negotiating License Agreements
by Donna Bobrowicz

Related Chapters       Show All AbstractsShow All Abstracts

Show AbstractAbstract Business Partnerships in Agriculture and Biotechnology that Advance Early-State Technology
by Martha Dunn, Brett Lund, Eric Barbour

Show AbstractAbstract Ensuring Developing-Country Access to New Inventions: The Role of Patents and the Power of Public Sector Research Institutions
by Lita Nelsen, Anatole Krattiger

Show AbstractAbstract Facilitating Assembly of and Access to Intellectual Property: Focus on Patent Pools and a Review of Other Mechanisms
by Anatole Krattiger, Stanley P. Kowalski

Show AbstractAbstract Facilitating Humanitarian Access to Pharmaceutical and Agricultural Innovation
by Amanda L. Brewster, Stephen A. Hansen, Audrey R. Chapman

Show AbstractAbstract A Guide to International Patent Protection
by Ann S. Viksnins, Ann M. Mccrackin

Show AbstractAbstract Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer by the University of California Agricultural Experiment Station
by Gregory D. Graff, Alan B. Bennett

Show AbstractAbstract IP Portfolio Management: Negotiating the Information Labyrinth
by Jeremy Burdon

Show AbstractAbstract Negotiating an Agreement: Skills, Tactics, and Best Practices
by Richard T. Mahoney

Show AbstractAbstract Open Source Licensing
by Janet Hope

Show AbstractAbstract Patent Licensing for Small Agricultural Biotechnology Companies
by Clinton H. Neagley

Show AbstractAbstract Patenting and Licensing Research Tools
by Charles Clift

Show AbstractAbstract Pragmatic and Principled: DNDi’s Approach to IP Management
by Jaya Banerji, Bernard Pecoul

Show AbstractAbstract Product Development and IP Strategies for Global Health Product Development Partnerships
by Sandra L. Shotwell

Show AbstractAbstract Reservation of Rights for Humanitarian Uses
by Alan B. Bennett

Show AbstractAbstract Specific Issues with Material Transfer Agreements
by Alan B. Bennett, Wendy D. Streitz, Rafael A. Gacel

Show AbstractAbstract Technology Valuation: An Introduction
by Robert H. Potter

Show AbstractAbstract Using Milestones in Healthcare Product Licensing Deals to Ensure Access in Developing Countries
by Joachim Oehler

Show AbstractAbstract Valuation and Licensing in Global Health
by Ashley J. Stevens

Show AbstractAbstract What Does It Take to Build a Local Biotechnology Cluster in a Small Country? The Case of Turku, Finland
by Kimmo Viljamaa