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Dealmaking and Marketing Technology to Product-Development Partners

Summary and Overview Summary and Overview

Key Implications and Best Practices

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Show AbstractAbstract 12.1  Negotiating an Agreement: Skills, Tactics, and Best Practices
by Richard T. Mahoney

Show AbstractAbstract 12.2  An Introduction to Marketing Early-Stage Technologies
by Marcel D. Mongeon

Show AbstractAbstract 12.3  Technology Marketing
by Robert S. Macwright, John F. Ritter

Show AbstractAbstract 12.4  IP Portfolio Management: Negotiating the Information Labyrinth
by Jeremy Burdon

Show AbstractAbstract 12.5  The IP Sales Process
by Todd S. Keiller

Show AbstractAbstract 12.6  Patent Licensing for Small Agricultural Biotechnology Companies
by Clinton H. Neagley

Show AbstractAbstract 12.7  Business Partnerships in Agriculture and Biotechnology that Advance Early-State Technology
by Martha Dunn, Brett Lund, Eric Barbour

Show AbstractAbstract 12.8  Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Commercialization Alliances: Their Structure and Implications for University Technology Transfer Offices
by Mark G. Edwards

Show AbstractAbstract 12.9  Product Development and IP Strategies for Global Health Product Development Partnerships
by Sandra L. Shotwell

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Show AbstractAbstract The Activities and Roles of M.I.T. in Forming Clusters and Strengthening Entrepreneurship
by Lita Nelsen

Show AbstractAbstract A Checklist for Negotiating License Agreements
by Donna Bobrowicz

Show AbstractAbstract Commercialization Agreements: Practical Guidelines in Dealing with Options
by Mark Anderson, Simon Keevey-Kothari

Show AbstractAbstract Deal Making in Bioprospecting
by Charles Costanza, Leif Christoffersen, Carolyn Anderson, Jay M. Short

Show AbstractAbstract IP Strategy
by Robert Pitkethly

Show AbstractAbstract Lessons from the Commercialization of the Cohen-Boyer Patents: The Stanford University Licensing Program
by Maryann P. Feldman, Alessandra Colaianni, Connie Kang Liu

Show AbstractAbstract The Making of a Licensing Legend: Stanford University’s Office of Technology Licensing
by Nigel Page

Show AbstractAbstract The New American University and the Role of “Technology Translation”: The Approach of Arizona State University
by Peter J. Slate

Show AbstractAbstract Parallel Trade: A User’s Guide
by Duncan Matthews, Viviana Munoz-Tellez

Show AbstractAbstract Pricing the Intellectual Property of Early-Stage Technologies: A Primer of Basic Valuation Tools and Considerations
by Richard Razgaitis

Show AbstractAbstract The Role of Technology Transfer Intermediaries in Commercializing Intellectual Property through Spinouts and Start-ups
by Tim Cook

Show AbstractAbstract Successful Commercialization of Insect-Resistant Eggplant by a Public–Private Partnership: Reaching and Benefiting Resource-Poor Farmers
by Akshat Medakker, Vijay Vijayaraghavan

Show AbstractAbstract Valuation of Bioprospecting Samples: Approaches, Calculations, and Implications for Policy-Makers
by William H. Lesser, Anatole Krattiger