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The Public Sector and Entrepreneurship

Summary and Overview Summary and Overview

Key Implications and Best Practices

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Show AbstractAbstract 13.1  Creating and Developing Spinouts: Experiences from Yale University and Beyond
by Alfred (Buz) Brown, Jon Soderstrom

Show AbstractAbstract 13.2  Dealing with Spinout Companies
by Jon C. Sandelin

Show AbstractAbstract 13.3  What the Public Sector Should Know about Venture Capital
by Roger Wyse

Show AbstractAbstract 13.4  The Role of Technology Transfer Intermediaries in Commercializing Intellectual Property through Spinouts and Start-ups
by Tim Cook

Show AbstractAbstract 13.5  New Companies to Commercialize IP: Should You Spinout or Start-up?
by Cathy Garner, Philip Ternouth

Show AbstractAbstract 13.6  Formation of a Business Incubator
by Edward M. Zablocki

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Show AbstractAbstract The Activities and Roles of M.I.T. in Forming Clusters and Strengthening Entrepreneurship
by Lita Nelsen

Show AbstractAbstract Business Partnerships in Agriculture and Biotechnology that Advance Early-State Technology
by Martha Dunn, Brett Lund, Eric Barbour

Show AbstractAbstract Conflict of Interest and Conflict of Commitment Management in Technology Transfer
by Alan B. Bennett

Show AbstractAbstract From Science to Market: Transferring Standards Certification Know-How from ICIPE to Africert Ltd.
by Peter Munyi, Ruth Nyagah

Show AbstractAbstract IP Management and Deal Making for Global Health Outcomes: The New “Return on Imagination” (ROI)
by John Fraser

Show AbstractAbstract Lessons from the Commercialization of the Cohen-Boyer Patents: The Stanford University Licensing Program
by Maryann P. Feldman, Alessandra Colaianni, Connie Kang Liu

Show AbstractAbstract The Making of a Licensing Legend: Stanford University’s Office of Technology Licensing
by Nigel Page

Show AbstractAbstract The New American University and the Role of “Technology Translation”: The Approach of Arizona State University
by Peter J. Slate

Show AbstractAbstract Patent Licensing for Small Agricultural Biotechnology Companies
by Clinton H. Neagley

Show AbstractAbstract Regulatory Data Protection in Pharmaceuticals and Other Sectors
by Trevor Cook

Show AbstractAbstract The Role of Clusters in Driving Innovation
by Peter W. B. Phillips, Camille D. Ryan

Show AbstractAbstract Technology Transfer Snapshots from Middle-Income Countries: Creating Socio-Economic Benefits through Innovation
by Susan K. Finston