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Bioprospecting, Traditional Knowledge, and Benefit Sharing

Summary and Overview Summary and Overview

Key Implications and Best Practices

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Show AbstractAbstract 16.1  Biotechnology Patents and Indigenous Peoples
by Dennis S. Karjala

Show AbstractAbstract 16.2  Access and Benefit Sharing: Understanding the Rules for Collection and Use of Biological Materials
by Carl-Gustaf Thornström

Show AbstractAbstract 16.3  Access and Benefit Sharing: Illustrated Procedures for the Collection and Importation of Biological Materials
by Carl-Gustaf Thornström, Lars Björk

Show AbstractAbstract 16.4  Deal Making in Bioprospecting
by Charles Costanza, Leif Christoffersen, Carolyn Anderson, Jay M. Short

Show AbstractAbstract 16.5  Bioprospecting Arrangements: Cooperation between the North and the South
by Djaja Djendoel Soejarto, C. Gyllenhaal, Jill A. Tarzian Sorensen, H.H.S. Fong, L.T. Xuan, L.T. Binh, N.T. Hiep, N.V. Hung, B.M. Vu, T.Q. Bich, B.H. Southavong, K. Sydara, J.M. Pezzuto, M.C. Riley

Show AbstractAbstract 16.6  Issues and Options for Traditional Knowledge Holders in Protecting Their Intellectual Property
by Stephen A. Hansen, Justin W. Van Fleet

Show AbstractAbstract 16.7  Reconciling Traditional Knowledge with Modern Agriculture: A Guide for Building Bridges
by Klaus Ammann

Related Chapters       Show All AbstractsShow All Abstracts

Show AbstractAbstract Alternative Dispute-Resolution Procedures: International View
by Eun-Joo Min

Show AbstractAbstract Data Protection and Data Exclusivity in Pharmaceuticals and Agrochemicals
by Charles Clift

Show AbstractAbstract Genomics, Ethics, and Intellectual Property
by Gary E. Marchant

Show AbstractAbstract Plant Variety Protection, International Agricultural Research, and Exchange of Germplasm: Legal Aspects of Sui Generis and Patent Regimes
by Michael Blakeney

Show AbstractAbstract Plants, Germplasm, Genebanks, and Intellectual Property: Principles, Options, and Management
by John Dodds, Anatole Krattiger, Stanley P. Kowalski

Show AbstractAbstract Public Sector IP Management in the Life Sciences: Reconciling Practice and Policy—Perspectives from WIPO
by Antony Taubman, Roya Ghafele

Show AbstractAbstract The TRIPS Agreement and Intellectual Property in Health and Agriculture
by Jayashree Watal, Roger Kampf

Show AbstractAbstract Valuation of Bioprospecting Samples: Approaches, Calculations, and Implications for Policy-Makers
by William H. Lesser, Anatole Krattiger