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Further Education and Degree Programs

Summer Institutes / Certificate Programs

Academy of Intellectual Property Studies
Mumbai, India
Certificate in Intellectual Property Management (Workshop Series)
The Workshop Series on Intellectual Property Management is a flexible program for participants seeking to make a career in IP, as well as for those wanting a critical insight into a particular area of IP such as Trademarks, Copyrights, Patents and Designs. A modular course, it is designed to provide an overview of the different Intellectual Property Right forms. The workshops will cover both the theory and practice behind each of the IPRs, and use of case studies and assignments will be made to facilitate professional skills in the area.

Franklin Pierce Law Center
Six Month Diploma of Intellectual Property (DIP)
Concord, NH, USA
The Diploma of Intellectual Property incorporates the same course work as the Master of Intellectual Property, but is designed for students who cannot spend an entire year in residence. The Diploma program includes the option of a one month internship at a corporation or law firm. Students may begin the Diploma program in the Fall or Spring semester.

Franklin Pierce Law Center
Intellectual Property Summer Institute (IPSI)
Concord, NH, USA
Franklin Pierce Law Center's Intellectual Property Summer Institute, established in 1987, is the most comprehensive academic summer program in intellectual property law and licensing (technology transfer) in the United States. The Intellectual Property Summer Institute (IPSI) included students from American Bar Association accredited law schools and intellectual property professionals from countries around the world. IPSI brings together scholars, practitioners, government officials, and students in a single forum.

Franklin Pierce Law Center and Tsinghua University
China Intellectual Property Summer Institute
Shanghai, China
The Summer Institute at Tsinghua School of Law, Beijing which started in 2002, is a natural extension of the Intellectual Property Summer Institute of Franklin Pierce Law which has been held in Concord, New Hampshire, every summer since 1987. Tsinghua University, the premier institution of science and technology in China, established its School of Law in 1999 in a new facility at the center of the Tsinghua campus in northwest Beijing, the site of the former Imperial Gardens of the Qing dynasty princes.

University of Washington Extension
Certificate Program in Intellectual Property Management
Seattle, WA, USA
This evening program provides a practical, comprehensive overview of legal methods and business strategies for securing rights and establishing partnerships in the growing field of intellectual property management. Graduates of this program have gone on to develop new IP businesses, find better ways to patent their technology, discover more productive approaches to innovation and help their organization or clients better secure and leverage their intellectual property to boost sales and secure competitive advantage. Taught by legal and business professionals, this program provides key skills necessary to create, manage and deploy IP rights including patents, trademarks and copyrights. Participants review, evaluate and propose models for establishing and managing business ventures and relationships using real world intellectual property case studies.

University of Washington Law School
Center for Advanced Study & Research on Intellectual Property (CASRIP)
Patent and Intellectual Property Law and Practice Summer Institute
Seattle, WA, USA
The CASRIP Summer Institute offers education and training in the fundamentals of United States and international intellectual property law. The Summer Institute provides engineers, attorneys, agents, patent and licensing department staff or others without experience in intellectual property law with a concise and reasonably priced means of acquiring an understanding of this subject area. Because Summer Institute participants typically come from the United States, Japan, Europe, and elsewhere, there are unique opportunities for networking with other international practitioners of intellectual property law.

WIPO Academy Summer School on Intellectual Property
Geneva, Switzerland
provide an opportunity for senior students and young professionals to acquire deeper knowledge of IP, and to gain an appreciation of IP as a tool for economic, social, cultural and technological development and the role WIPO plays in the global administration of IP.

Graduate Programs in Intellectual Property Management

Academy of Intellectual Property Studies
Mumbai, India
Post Graduate Diploma in Patent Management
program for all those aspiring to be patent agents / attorneys, and for those whose scope of work involves patents and patenting issues. Our class is not limited to lawyers. We encourage participants with diverse professional skills to apply for the programmes such as engineers, doctors R&D professionals, chartered accountants, analysts etc. No technical or legal background is expected or required. The Course aims to groom professionals who are ready to take charge, who can influence Intellectual Property Management trends and practices through their thought leadership.

Bournemouth University
Centre for Intellectual Property Policy & Management (CIPPM)
Dorset, United Kingdom

  • Core is the Postgraduate Certificate in Intellectual Property (PG Cert IP) that is available in flexible delivery, requiring attendance for only three block weekends (Thursday evening until Sunday lunchtime). The PG Cert IP offers full exemptions from the CIPA/ITMA Joint Education Board foundation papers.
  • The Postgraduate Diploma in Intellectual Property (PG Dip IP) extends the PG Cert with one further unit on Intellectual Property Exploitation (in particular strategic and commercial aspects) , requiring attendance at Bournemouth for one further weekend. In addition, students will research two extended papers off-campus: one a work based project and one an academic essay.
  • The award of LLM in Intellectual Property is available for students who (following successful completion of the PG Dip IP) progress to a dissertation of 15,000 words.

Chalmers University of Technology and Göteborg University
Centre for Intellectual Property Studies (CIP)
Göteborg, Sweden

  • Chalmers School of Entrepreneurship (CSE), two year Master’s Program
    At Chalmers School of Entrepreneurship, we are educating the entrepreneurs of tomorrow. By matching technology based ideas with teams of highly motivated students and supporting them on the path to commercialization, Chalmers School of Entrepreneurship has successfully been bridging the gap between invention and market since 1997. Our Master’s Program has an unmatched track record of having supported and educated more than two hundred entrepreneurs in building over 27 companies, making us the most renowned school of entrepreneurship in Europe. Taught in English.
  • Gothenburg International Bioscience Business School (GIBBS), two year Master’s Program
    This master level program will give you a comprehensive understanding of key strategic issues in the bioscience industry and provide you with the real-life experience of creating and developing technology based ventures. The Business Design Program is a Master’s Degree education in knowledge-based business creation provided by Chalmers University of Technology through CIP. Within the context of the entrepreneurial knowledge economy, the program teaches students to create and shape a company, claim its intellectual property, and manage innovations, market approach, and human resources to extract financial value. Taught in English.
  • School of Intellectual Capital Management (ICM), two year Master’s Program
    The Graduate Business School at the School of Business, Economics, and Law of Göteborg University was established in 1997, and has since then offered a set of integrated master programmes, taught in English. These programmes are open to all international and domestic students with a basic academic degree. They are comparable with MBA and master programmes offered by prestigious business and management schools world-wide.

Franklin Pierce Law, Concord, New Hampshire, USA

  • Master of Laws in Intellectual Property, Commerce, and Technology (LL.M.)
    The Master of Laws in Intellectual Property, Commerce and Technology (LL.M.) is an academic degree designed for law graduates only. The LL.M. candidate must complete 30 credits of resident coursework. The LL.M. allows students to earn a graduate law degree which focuses more on the business and transactional aspects of intellectual property practice, rather than on purely legal issues. Lawyers and members of law faculties who have come for the LL.M., without prior enrollment in intellectual property courses, will find Pierce Law's program particularly useful for pursuing specialized intellectual property practice.
  • Master of Intellectual Property/Commerce and Technology (MIP/CT)
    The Master of Intellectual Property, Commerce, and Technology (MIP/CT) was the first of its kind in the U.S. to train intellectual property professionals, administrators, lawyers, engineers, and entrepreneurs from the U.S. and abroad who intend to specialize in the practice of intellectual property and licensing.

IP Academy (Singapore)
MSc in IP Management
The IP Academy (Singapore) is a national initiative dedicated to the deepening and broadening of Singapore's knowledge and capabilities in Intellectual Property (IP) protection, exploitation and management. The MSc in IP Management is a comprehensive inter-disciplinary post graduate programme in Intellectual Property which bridges law, technology, science, engineering and management. It is jointly offered by the Faculty of Engineering and the Faculty of Law, National University of Singapore and administered by the IP Academy, Singapore. The programme is the first of its kind in Singapore and is targeted at mid to senior management, executives and professionals with a background in science, technology or engineering who wish to specialize in the management of IP in a technology-related business.

Munich Intellectual Property Law Center
Munich, Germany
LL.M. Program
The last decade has seen an exponential increase in the significance of intellectual property rights, which has stimulated the demand for experts in this field. The MIPLC LL.M. program was founded in 2003 to meet this demand and to close a gap in European law education, which had had no comprehensive LL.M. program devoted to intellectual property. The MIPLC program, jointly administered by the four MIPLC partners, aims to provide postgraduates with the necessary knowledge and skills to deal with intellectual property in a global context at the most sophisticated level. The courses, which are held entirely in English, not only cover all areas of European and international intellectual property, competition, and media law, but also include topics from related fields such as economics and business administration. The international focus of the program ensures that students gain a truly global perspective on IP. In recognition of the successful completion of the one-year program the University of Augsburg awards the degree of Master of Laws (LL.M.).

Queen Mary University of London, School of Law
London, UK
MSc in Management of Intellectual Property
The MSc course is aimed at those who recognise the increasingly important role of intellectual property in our modern economy. There is continual need in industry, commerce and in those professions concerned with intellectual property law. The course is for science and technology graduates who wish to study intellectual property law to a high level.

University of Bologna
Alma Graduate School and the Institute of Advanced Study
Bologna, Italy
Masters in Intellectual Property
The Master prepares students for a career in R&D units of innovative companies in both manufacturing and service industries, technology transfer offices at universities and research centres, law and consulting firms, international organizations, and national and international patent and trademark offices.

University of Melbourne
Melbourne Business School
Melbourne, Australia
Master of Management (Innovation)
Our Master of Management (Innovation) is the most comprehensive program on innovation. The program caters for the varying needs of a range of professionals in government and private sectors across many industries. This degree will equip you with the skills and knowledge to:

  • better understand the innovation process
  • develop your ability to commercialise intellectual property
  • learn how to fund an entrepreneurial venture
  • manage technical or scientific staff
  • foster an environment that encourages innovative thinking
  • promote innovation and entrepreneurship in your organization.