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Editor-in-Chief,   Anatole Krattiger

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Fiocruz, Brazil

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From the Editor-in-Chief:

Innovation in health and agriculture does not happen in a vacuum; in fact, the rise of the product-development partnerships and of public-private interactions are increasingly marked by how well individuals and institutions are networked. Indeed, the value of networks cannot be understated. "Innovation studies show that the most effective firms and organizations are those with the most dynamic networks. Whether in the public or private sector, these organizations reach out to actors in the key areas in which they work. They build collaborative partnerships or exchange information"1 Networks of professionals are an effective way of sharing tacit and explicit knowledge among its members and it is a means also of cultivating innovation.

In IP management, professional networking is accomplished primarily through the meetings and activities of international and regional professional associations, at which new professionals learn the trade, seasoned professionals keep abreast of latest developments, and representatives from companies, universities, and other research institutions meet formally and informally to seek licensing opportunities. Please see the "Other Networking Resources" section for the current list, and contact us with any associations you know so we can add them to this list.

The ipHandbook website has a new feature: User-generated content. You are encouraged to comment on individual chapters and topics and upload relevant papers or links to pertinent websites. Just go to almost any page and help to make this ipHandbook website become a living, growing entity.

In the future, we will be offering a comprehensive networking resource for the international IP management community. It will include a list of contacts in many countries around the world on many topics, including law firms with experience in public sector IP matters, a list of authors who agreed to answer questions, south-south networking opportunities and events, and much more. Please contact us to collaborate with us on the development of this important future resource.


1 Mahoney RT and CM Morel. 2006. A global health innovation system (GHIS). Innovation Strategy Today 2(1):1-12.