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Sample Agreements

Overview Documents

1. Confidentiality (unilateral/bilateral)

1.1 One-Way or Unilateral

1.2 Two-way or Bilateral

2. Tangible Property Licenses

2.1 Material transfer for research only

2.2 Materials for production and marketing

  • 2.2.1 Germplasm
  • 2.2.2 Drugs and vaccines
  • 2.2.3 Compounds
  • If you have any appropriate licenses we could post here, please mail them to

2.3 Solicitation for Licensees

3. Collaborations

3.1 Invitations to collaborate

3.2 Contract research

3.3 Collaborative research

3.4 Sponsored research

3.5 Consortium

4. Intellectual Property Licenses

4.1 Copyright

4.2 Software

4.3 Trademark

4.4 Trade secret/know-how

4.5 Patent licenses

4.6 Licenses to start-ups

4.7 Option agreement

4.8 Material property license

4.9 Germplasm

4.10 Patent Assignment

5. Other

5.1 Non-assert

5.2 Distributorship

5.3 Invention Disclosure

5.4 Technical Assistance and Consulting

5.5 Invention assessment check-list

5.6 Due diligence check-list

5.7 Inventor Interview check-list

5.8 Inventor Contributor Form

5.9 Assignment

5.10 Open Source Licensing

6. Employment Related

6.1 IP Assignment clauses

6.2 Sponsored Studentship

6.3 Termination agreement

Many organizations, particularly universities, provide a plethora of sample agreements. Here are a few pertinent links:

1000 Ventures (although a commercial site, they do provide many sample agreements for free, particularly in the venture deal business)

Checklist for Joint Venture Agreements

Drafting Intellectual Property Joint Venture Agreements

Joint venture Agreement Sample

The University of Iowa Research Foundation

The University of Texas System