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Your source for expert commentary on IP management issues.
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Editor-in-Chief,   Anatole Krattiger

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Concept Foundation


Fiocruz, Brazil

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Focused Law & Technology News

Big Blog

Computers and technology issues and news


Berkeley Intellectual Property Weblog


Database of law blogs, narrowed to IP blogs.


Tech Law Advisor

Bret Fausett ICANN Blog


Chess Law

Law Blogs -Student, Professorial, & Others


IP & Legal Commentary - News & Commentary on Legal Developments Affecting Scientific Research, Agriculture & Development


©opyBites: Copyright Law Blog

Copyfight: The Politics of IP

Explores Nexus of Legal Rulings, Capitol Hill Policy-making, Technical Standards Development & Technology

Copyfighter Musings

Harvard Law Blog

Copyright Blog

Daily Prognostications

Creative Commons

Devoted to Expanding the Range of Creative Work Available for Others

Current Copyright Readings

Bibliography of Current Articles on the Digital Millenium Copyright Act, Teach Act & Other Copyright Issues

Development of Computer Law and Cyber law issues that receive attention.

Dan Gilmore eJournal

News, Views & a Silicon Valley Diary

Data Mining Resources

Information Blog developed and created by Internet expert, author, keynote speaker and consultant Marcus P. Zillman, M.S., A.M.H.A. for monitoring data mining resources and sites on the Internet

Legal Technology, Technology Law & Other Musings

derivative work

IP Attorney running blog on Digital Copyright, Internet, & Patent Law

Eardrumbuzz Radio Weblog

IP Law

Ernie the Attorney



Production of Berkman Center for Internet & Society

Harlan IP Law


ipHandbook Blog

Your source for expert commentary on global IP management and innovation issues, particularly as they affect global access



Infringing Actions

IP Law News & Commentary by Kelly D. Talcott

Intellectual Property in Education

Kaironews - Weblog for Discussing Rhetoric , Technology & Pedagogy

Intellectual Property Updates

News for IP practitioners by Bill Heinze

Internet Law Blog

Blog by, for and about Computer, Technology & Internet Law

International Tech. Transfer Blog

Pierce Law's ITTI run blogs covering latest in Tech Transfer and IP management.

IP Central.Info Weblog

IP news and commentary

IP Law & Practice

PA Axel H Horns Blog on IP Law

IP Menu

Latest Intellectual Property Resources News

IP Newswire

Intellectual Property News


IPKat weblog has covered copyright, patent, trade mark and privacy/confidentiality issues from a mainly UK and European perspective.

John Palfrey

Harvard Law School Blog

Jorda on Trade Secrets

Prof. Karl Jorda on Interface between Patents and Trade Secrets

Stephan Kinsella - Patent Attorney in Houston, Texas

Law Professors

Law Professor Blogs is a network of web logs ("blogs") designed from the ground-up to assist law professors in their scholarship


Yale Law School Blog

lessig blog

Lawrence Lessig - Professor of Law at Sanford

Michael J. Radwin Blog

Intellectual Property Archives


Intellectual Property News

NanObvious: Patent Law Blog

by Jaewoo Park, Attorney

A Patent Blog

Intellect Law Group

Patent Information Directory

IP Forums, Blogs & Chat

Patent Pending

Semi-humorous account of the patent attorney's life

Patent Pod

A Patent Law Blog (Blawg) delivering U.S. patent law case summaries and court opinions as digital-audio (MP3).

Patent Project

Joseph M. Gusmano, Esq.

Patently-O: Patent Law Blog

by Dennis Crouch, patent attorney at McDonnell Boehnen Hulbert & Berghoff LLP

PHOSITA: an intellectual property weblawg

In patent law, PHOSITA is a mythical person of ordinary skill in the art. Why is PHOSITA important? In order to be patentable, an invention must not be obvious to PHOSITA.

PIPRA's Blog

PIPRA is an non-profit initiative striving to make it easy for developing countries to access new agricultural technologies.

Promote the Progress

J. Matthew Buchanan's legal blog focused on IP and technology law issues


IP blog and podcasts by J. Matthew Buchanan, Stephen Nipper and Douglas Sorocco


Shamnad Basheer and team cover Indian IP issues extensively.

Tech Law Advisor

Internet & IP Law Weblog


Daily international technology transfer news and periodic commentary

The Invent Blog

Patent Blog of Stephen M. Nipper

TradeMark Blog

From Law Offices of Martin Schwimmer

The Trade Secrets Vault

The Vault to the world and shares a wide range of information on trade secrets.

Ideas in Development

Comments on the WIPO Development Agenda and the MDGs

General Publications

There are many examples of scientific databases. For example, freely available ones include: Agricola, Google Scholar, SciDev.Net (The Science and Development Network), and Google itself. Some useful ones are premium, pay-per-view databases, including Biosis, Current Contents, CABI Abstracts, and Lexus/Nexus. More specialized, IP based sources of publications are listed below.

AUTM Technology Transfer Practice Manual, 3rd Edition
A completely revised and newly organized collection of reference articles in two volumes: Volume One: Laws and Regulations and Volume Two: Managing a Technology Transfer Office. Links to an array of pertinent policies also are included. The 3rd Edition is a critical reference document for academic technology transfer professionals of all levels and backgrounds.

Antitrust Guidelines for the Licensing of Intellectual Property
These Guidelines state the antitrust enforcement policy of the U.S. Department of Justice and the Federal Trade Commission with respect to the licensing of intellectual property protected by patent, copyright, and trade secret law, and of know-how.

Copyright: The Digital Learning Challenge: Obstacles to Educational Uses of Copyrighted Material in the Digital Age
This foundational white paper reports on a year-long study by the Berkman Center for Internet and Society, funded by a grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, examining the relationship between copyright law and education.

Executive Guide to Intellectual Property Management in Health and Agricultural Innovation: A Handbook of Best Practices.
Krattiger A, RT Mahoney, L Nelsen, JA Thomson, AB Bennett, K Satyanarayana, GD Graff, C Fernandez, and SP Kowalski (eds). 2007. MIHR (Oxford, U.K.), PIPRA (Davis, U.S.A.), Oswaldo Cruz Foundation (Fiocruz, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) and bioDevelopments-International Institute (Ithaca, U.S.A).

Focus on Intellectual Property Rights, by Thomas G. Field, Jr.
A concise yet global overview of different forms of IP and contemporary IP issues. Franklin Pierce Law Center, IP Mall, selected publication resources:

Harmony and Diversity in Global Patent Law, by John F. Duffy
An article that acknowledges the value of some harmonization of national law, yet explores the possible costs of the patent harmonization movement.

Intellectual Property and Biotechnology Handbook
This handbook remains a useful teaching tool. Individual modules of the handbook are downloadable in pdf format, and Module Four is devoted to searching patent databases.

Intellectual Property, Fair Use, and the Unbundling of Ownership Rights
This publication is the final report of the Task Force on Intellectual Property of the Academic Senate of The California State University (CSU).

Intellectual Property Guide- Patents, Trademarks & Copyrights (A Resource Tool for Businesses and Inventors)
Prepared by the Small Business and Technology Development Center (SBTDC), a business development service of The University of North Carolina system operated in partnership with the US Small Business Administration (SBA).

Intellectual Property Law Server
This resource has a vast collection of articles

Intellectual Property Management in Health and Agricultural Innovation: A Handbook of Best Practices
Krattiger A, RT Mahoney, L Nelsen, JA Thomson, AB Bennett, K Satyanarayana, GD Graff, C Fernandez, and SP Kowalski (eds). 2007. MIHR (Oxford, U.K.), PIPRA (Davis, U.S.A.), Oswaldo Cruz Foundation (Fiocruz, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) and bioDevelopments-International Institute (Ithaca, U.S.A).
ipHandbook Vol 1
ipHandbook Vol 2

Intellectual Property Protection and Enforcement Manual: A Practical and Legal Guide for Protecting Your Intellectual Property Rights
This manual is intended to provide business owners with strategies for fighting the global problem of counterfeiting and piracy. Business owners should find this manual useful in gaining a better understanding of their intellectual property (IP) assets and to develop business practices and procedures that will help protect such assets from falling victim to counterfeiting and piracy.

Intellectual Property Watch
Intellectual Property Watch is a non-profit independent news service, reports on the interests and behind-the-scenes dynamics that influence the design and implementation of international intellectual property policies.

International Survey on Technology Licensing Practices: The Diversity of Technology Licensing Agreements and their Causes
A report based on a survey performed among LES International members.

LES International Guide to Licensing Best Practices: Strategic Issues and Contemporary Realities

Making the Licensing Decision, by LES and USDOE Inventions and Innovations Program
A straightforward, clear, and plain English description of the major issues facing independent inventors and small firms: making the decision to license for business reasons, finding a licensee, and negotiating a license. We emphasize identifying what an independent inventor or small business can do best, and obtaining expert assistance to complete those tasks best completed by other professionals.

Open Source: Perspectives on Free and Open Source Software
The book analyzes a number of key topics: the motivation behind F/OSS -- why highly skilled software developers devote large amounts of time to the creation of "free" products and much more.

Technology Transfer Tactics
Technology Transfer Tactics provides in-depth guidance designed to hasten and streamline the commercialization process, as well as maximize the financial benefits of that process for your organization.

Traditional Knowledge and Intellectual Property
A Handbook by American Association for the Advancement of Science on Issues and Options for Traditional Knowledge Holders in Protecting their Intellectual Property and Maintaining Biological Diversity

Tutorial on Technology Transfer in U.S. Colleges and Universities
This Tutorial has been compiled through the efforts of the Council on Governmental Relations (COGR) to help the reader understand modern technology transfer practices of U.S. colleges and universities.